Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Learn A New Methodology to Treat Cancer

Cancer is a life-threatening word not only for the patients but also for the entire family. The medications, pain and side effects push the patients in hell. They start to get depressed. Though there are various treatments available for cancer, without knowing the root cause the treatment is given superficially that may or may not improve the patient's health condition.
DSA, “Dynamic Scientific Approach” is a natural method of preventing & curing cancer of “Healing from within” technique. Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat researched and found that negative thinking is the main cause of cancer development that flares up the mind. He had proved it with a valid explanation on how genetic mutation and/or epigenetic changes happen in living organisms.  The novice holistic method of cancer and chronic disease management register that mind, soul, and body are interlinked and linked directly with the universe.

Dynamic Scientific Approach is the only treatment that explains how cancer and other chronic disease develop, how to identify and to rectify the root causes. Such a method encompasses only natural medicines, yoga, counseling and meditation in the treatment plan. No pain, side effects, chemo, and stress. The word “relapse” does have a no entry board in this treatment methodology.

Medical, paramedical student will be inspired by the DSA technique. There is a huge opportunity for the candidates with any Medical degree / Qualified with Yoga degree / Holding a Diploma or Graduated in Clinical psychology or counseling are invited to register in the TRAINING IN DSA NATURAL TREATMENT METHODOLOGY conducted by St.George Holistic Health Care Center, Bangalore.

The duration of the DSA Training is three months with the fee structure of Rs.10, 000/- (For Indians) & US$ 500.00 (for Foreign Nationals). The DSA training program is offered by the expert doctors, yoga therapist, clinical psychologists, and counselors in St.George Holistic Health Care Center, Bangalore from April 1st, 2017 to continuous three months.

Join us to treat the cancer patients with a revolutionary treatment.

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