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Treat Stomach Cancer With Latest DSA Methodology

The Stomach is a muscular organ. It is located on the left side of the upper abdomen. Through esophagus, the food is received into the stomach. In the stomach, the received food is broken down and partly digested. Cancer that develops in this muscular organ is called stomach cancer (or) gastric cancer.

Stomach cancer types:

Immune system cells, Glandular cells, Nervous system tissues and Carcinoid cancer.

Causes of stomach cancer:

Chronic anemia, Chronic gastritis, Gastric ulcers and H.Pylori infection.  In addition to the commonly known causes, DSA methodology of treatment identifies, explains and proposes its own causes for the origin of stomach or gastric cancer.

Stomach cancer and stages:

Stage I: Stomach tissue lining is affected by cancer and cancer may spread to the limited adjacent lymph nodes.

Stage II: The cancerous cells spread throughout the muscular layer of the stomach and the cells would spread to the more adjoining lymph nodes.

Stage III: The cancerous cells predominantly spread into the entire layers of stomach and cancerous cells would spread to all lymph nodes.

Stage IV: Cancerous cells spread from the stomach to other organs in the body (metastasis) and this is an incurable stage of stomach cancer.

Homeopathy treatment for stomach cancer

Homeopathy is a holistic medical system which has been in the existence of more than two hundred years. The treatment is extremely successful for treating and saving the cancer patients from painful symptoms and giving them a new life.

The Founder and Director, Chief Physician Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat is a professional homeopathic doctor, scientist, and researcher who invented a new methodology for cancer treatment using homeopathic medicines.

He is a homeopathic cancer specialist who practices at St. George Homeopathic Research and Development Center, Philippines. As a Chief Physician and Researcher in St. George Homeopathic Research and Development Center, he has engaged in various clinical researches in India as well as the Philippines. He is considered as the “Father of Homeopathy” in the Philippines who avails the best homeopathic stomach cancer treatment in Philippines.

Though all kinds of diseases are cured by homeopathy, his unique treatment for cancer, a Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) based treatment methodology is highly effective. Through the implementation of DSA treatment methodology, relapses of cancer can be prevented.
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