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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Homeopathy and Dynamic Scientific Approach

Best Homeopathic Cancer Treatment  in India

Cancer : Homoeopathy and Dynamic Scientific Approach 

Dynamic Scientific Approach  is new kind of cancer treatment - Healing from Within. Based on the DSA, cancer is due to bad emotions with in us, this Approach will help to find out the Root causes and can give the best treatment against the Cancer. DSA explains how the genetic changes happen in human and other living organisms.This kind of Alternative Treatment will prevent treatment side-effects.

DSA is a new kind treatment related with Our mind and Vital force. So yoga and meditation are playing an important role. DSA will make us strong Mentally and Physically. In this Treatment Root causes are identified by searching through our mind.

The Main difference between other Treatments and Dynamic Scientific Approach is that the other treatments can't find the root cause or the origin of the Cancer. 

Allopathy Treatment Vs DSA Treatment 

A.P : Use Destructive Chemotherapy and Radiation 

DSA Treatment : No Chemotherapy and Radiation

A.P : Falling of Hair and discoloration of skin

DSA Treatment : No Hair Fall and Skin Color Change

A.P : Destroy the Immunity of our Body 

DSA : Treatment : Increased Immunity of our Body 

  • No side effects
  • No hair fall 
  • Over 20 year - Tested and Proven
  • Cost Less
  • Cancer treatment - Healthy Life After Recovery

Natural Cancer Treatment in Bangalore

St.George Holistic Health Care Center Bangalore
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