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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Overcome Prostate Cancer through Dynamic Scientific Approach

The cases of cancer keep increasing in every part of the world. People fear cancer more than any other disease. But medicine has advanced to a greater level and is now capable of curbing cancer and bringing back people to normal lives. In this article, we will be talking about prostate cancer and how it is treated through DSA.

What is prostate cancer?


Prostate cancer is a condition that is mostly seen in older men. According to studies conducted 6 out of ten cases of prostate cancer are observed in men who have crossed the age of 65. This doesn't mean that such a condition is never seen in the younger population of men. Though rare prostate cancer can affect men in their 30's and 40's. Basically, prostate cancer is cancer that affects the prostate gland that produces seminal fluid which nourishes and transports sperms. The cancer is initially confined just to the prostate gland and grows very slowly but there are cases where it spreads too aggressively.

The cancer does not show much symptoms in the early stage but in its later stage some symptoms are shown. One may experience trouble while urinating or experience pain in the pelvic area or at times there might be blood in the semen.


What is Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) for prostate Cancer treatment?

DSA treatment for prostate cancer is based on the theme of dynamic science. The idea was put forward by the founder of St. George Homeopathic Research and Development Center.

Dynamic science elaborates the relation between the mind and DNA. Though the DNA can be affected by the biochemical changes happening in the body or even by an outside forces, the mind is what that regulates the DNA ultimately. The DSA helps in identifying and rectifying the emotions that affect the DNA. It was found out that a positive mental state affects the DNA in a constructive manner whereas a negative mental state as in fear, anxiety, anger, etc. will also have a negative or destructive effect on DNA. This will result in the development of tumour, changing  it from a moderate form to a more sinister one.

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