Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Let’s Wipe away Blood Cancer from your Body

Just look around. You would find that the number of patients down with blood cancer is considerably lower than the people who are pretty much worried about it. Have you ever wondered why lots of people are so concerned and anxious about cancer, let alone blood cancer?

Very simple. They all are of view that cancer is a dreadful ailment and not even a single person can get rid of the same. The day this misconception gets wiped away from our heads, sheer and speedy recovery from cancer is absolutely possible. So, let’s all hold our head and heart high and tell the whole world that cancer is curable and treatments for cancer are easily available. St. George Holistic Health Care Center headed by Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat, an eminent Homeopathic doctor for cancer offers the best natural blood cancer treatment in the world.

homeopathic treatment for blood cancer philippines


Blood Cancer is just another Disease

Blood cancer is a collective term to refer the cancers that can adversely affect the bone marrow, blood and lymphatic system. The production and overall function of the blood cells is affected by blood cancer. Blood cancer normally begins in the bone marrow and spreads to other parts of the body. Many abnormal blood cells grow up posing threat to the development of normal cells. Of course, these abnormal ones do not allow the blood to perform normal metabolic functions and even leads to uncontrollable bleeding. Some of the types of blood cancer are Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. Whichever the blood cancer be, it is highly advised to note that the causes of blood cancer are almost the same. Dynamic science based DSA treatment identifies unique causes other than the regularly spoken causes like smoking and tobacco, radiation or chemical exposure, genetic disorders, presence of HIV, consumption of corticosteroids etc.     

Treat Blood Cancer Confidently

Once the symptoms of blood cancer such as high fever, weight loss, excessive sweating, bleeding and pain in body especially in bones, persistent weakness, appearance of red spots etc are found out, diagnosis of the disease has to be immediately carried out. That is a bone marrow biopsy. It also involves liver function tests, urea and electrolytes, virology testing, peripheral blood film, cytogentic testing etc.

homeopathic treatment for blood cancer

These diagnostic methods are very well considered for proper analysis at St. George Holistic Health Care Center. Unlike other hospitals and physicians, St. George Holistic Health Care Center and Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat is into a versatile treatment called Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) for blood cancer. Our doctor gets into a detail conversation with the patient in order to know more about his personal life history & medical history and help let know the patient about the dynamic science propounded explanations on how blood cancer develops & the unique causes that produced it. DSA consists of a comprehensive treatment package of yoga, meditation, counseling, homeopathy, prayers, musical therapy and necessary lab examinations. The hospital guarantees speedy and perfect recovery from blood cancer and helps bring back the patient to normalcy.         

So, you can say all is well and move for homeopathic treatment for blood cancer in Philippines at St. George Holistic Health Care Center. Get, Set, Go!!

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